McComas Fuel


Welcome to McComas Fuel Company, serving Baltimore, Maryland for 140 years. We have serviced our heating oil customer base for generations – from the days of the delivering wood by horse and wagon, to delivering coal, and now to our contemporary times. Our founder, Henry Clay McComas, instilled the importance of delivering a quality product, heating oil, at a cost-effective price, and that has been the Company’s guiding principal ever since.

Today, we continue to be focused on three things: our customers, our Baltimore community, and sustainability. Our investment and commitment in all three is why we have been in business for 140 years. We are proud of this heritage and our customers see this commitment to quality and service in our everyday operations. Our employees are dedicated to this philosophy of excellence, and when you interact with a McComas employee, you will meet someone driven to be the best. We offer top quality heating oil and superior system service to ensure you experience the level of home comfort you deserve.

We believe that great service is also about trust: trust that technicians, drivers, and customer service personnel have received the most up to date training available; trust that service equipment and heating oil delivery vehicles are expertly maintained; and trust that when you call McComas, you get everything you could possibly expect and more.